Time always makes me long for you
Sweat dripping onto anxious skin
Our pulses merge into a melody
Love consumes me

To lie in your arms once more
Your fingertip painting my cheek
Breaths fall in unison
Love consumes you


Big Mommas House

Down at Big Mommas house in New Orleans
The whiskey was strong and the girls were clean

The dice fully loaded, the cards neatly stacked
The cigars were burning, the parlor was packed

The gentlemen callers were wealthy and loud
The women they paid...sashayed through the crowd

Hour after hour, they'd go off in pairs
Giggling and flirting while climbing the stairs



I cried for Cindy today
I cried for the mother in us all, that wants to hold her and comfort her
I cried for her not being able to hug her Casey, while I am still able to hold mine
I cried for her humongous loss that I know permeates every cell of her body
I cried for her dignity and her fragility
I cried for her because she makes me proud

Would I be able to endure such a loss and still carry on?
I hope so...and because of her, all women can stand a bit taller.


Home On The Water

Heron flies
on auburn skies
misty water calling me home

Magnolias blooming
bullfrogs crooning
misty water calling me home

Georgia heat
cool barefeet
misty water calling me home