The soldiers came to Gaza
To carry out their brothers
Against the law, they said
Homes will be bulldozed

The soldiers came to Gaza
Try to remain peaceful and kind
Hand them water, carry the Torah
There's crying in the synagogue

The soldiers came to Gaza
Fathers wail to a God they
Think has abandoned them
And hold their children

The soldiers came to Gaza
Mothers pointing fingers
Shouting curses, Shame on you
Hat brims pulled low to hide tears

The soldiers came to Gaza
Seeing their youth, And their kinship
Some will hug the soldiers instead
Belongings in a bag

The soldiers came to Gaza
The sadness is palpable
The tears are ever flowing
Bodies may leave, but the souls remain


Georgia Clay

Soaring like an eagle but your young
toes are still stuck in this red clay
I think your conscience faded in the
rearview mirror as you raced off
Blind anger and rage that always seems
to bubble up out of nowhere
Slowly replaced with long forgotten
memories of old quarrels and spite
Words are slaps that cannot
be taken back...cannot be soothed
Easier for you to stay away if love is pushed
aside constantly giving way to the negative

Meanwhile, what do I tell the others here
who miss you so badly?


I said, what shall I tell the others?


Olive the Adventurer

Olive Riley is a wonderful gal
At the age of one hundred and eight
She tells the world her interesting tales
And the world just thinks she's great
She keeps a blog with the help of Mike
She even makes videos
She sings her songs so beautifully
Australias darling rose
A horse who drank beer, a schoolyard fight
Whatever the story may be
She'll make you smile, she'll make you laugh
Dear Olive, how we love thee~

Andys Day

Tiny hands they close the box
Insuring its safe keep
He hides it underneath his bed
And soon he'll drift to sleep
Dreaming of all his treasures
That he carefully tucked away
The pinecone, pebbles & mussel shells
His great finds of the day
So sleep my sweet little angel
And dream of calm ponds of gray
Of puppy dogs and sailing ships
...and little boys at play


Little sister

The little girl I left behind is a woman now
Form is rounded motherly
Heart has grown expansively
Kindness knows no boundaries
Baby of the family

Remembering her tiny frame
Small arms wrapped so tight
Cheek to mine, she whispers closely
Tiny secrets shared and kept
Know that you are loved


The smile

Lick my wounds, hold on again
My time will have to wait
Howls of pain soon quieted
Pushed behind the walls I've built
Hidden behind this smile I wear
The garment everyone prefers


Icy Morning

Smokestack forests
sprinkling gray ash on
new fallen snow
Window frosted
with abstract ice art
Like feathery pick-up sticks
made of glass
All loosely piled
one on top the other
Cold radiating from the pane


Mister can you spare a dime?

When it all came crashing down
Dust storms were pushing me back East
Heavy dark clouds have been hovering
Like being at the bottom of a black pond
Mister can you spare a dime?

A hot meal is mothers milk
Manna comes with many faces
A squeaky screen door or
A boxcar full of toothless grins
Mister can you spare a dime?

The provider can't provide
But not for lack of trying
Soles wore thin and made of cardboard
Heart wore thin and made of lead
Mister can you spare a dime?

A lover waits through old lace curtains
A Father lies beneath the ground
Old church hymnal is barely breathing
Growling and gnarling sound from within
Mister can you spare a dime?

Hands calloused and legs numb
A thousand miles and a thousand lifetimes ago
I walk in the valley of death
Pride is but a memory
Mister can you spare a dime?