Birthday Presence

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting...

for dainty hands
for long eyelashes
for twirls in mirrors
for bows and sashes

for silver rattles
for shiny curls
for slumber parties
for giggling girls

Waiting for your birthday presence

Where I Am From

Brick lined streets will take you back to where I'm from.
Mennonite bonnets shading sparkling eyes,
that dance to the clip clop of horses.
The Paletine near the Rhine holds secrets of the elders.
Hushed religion forcing them to migrate.

The Emerald Isle is a warm gem in my pocket.
A treasure my soul wears for all to see.
Will always remain part of who I am,
although I've yet to touch her green shores.
She knows I shall return to her, be it this life or the next.

I come from a daughter of Cherokee beauty.
I know this as surely as I know my mothers dark eyes
and high cheekbones.
The animals speak of where I've come.
We share our tales of long ago campfires.