He's Mine

She sits beside herself
knitting a shroud of worry
The news sprang out of nowhere
From his lips to Mothers ears
Enlist? When? Why?
Let's talk about this son
You've already decided?
Please at least wait until November
so we can maybe get an idea of..
..there's a war going on son...
..you are a grown man now son, and..
...we support you...we love you..we need you
Her heart is a lump in her throat
It will remain lodged there keeping
the taste of coppery fear in her mouth
and fresh in her mind
How can this be?
We talk about this war around the dinner table
almost every night
She wants to run in the streets SHOUTING..
NO! You can't have him!! He's Mine!!

He's Mine

*hes mine*


  1. You've ehco-ed the sentiments of so
    many families.

  2. This is a great embellishment of the simple anti-McCain ad I posted on June 17. I don't normally post videos, but that one was exceptional, as is your poem. Very powerful. I don't know how mothers cope with this pain.

  3. I'm afraid to say this one is all too real. Conversation took place 2 days ago...

  4. You had just commented on my post and then it happened to you? I'm so, so sorry. Young people who enlist are so very idealistic, heroic, and sincere about serving their country. I've known many and admired them all. But for a mother, it's against the whole fiber of our being.

  5. I am SO sorry. This is so hard. Please send me an email offline so I can get some resources to you. This is something that unfortunately, I know WAY to much about. I think I have some info for you that will help with many things...

  6. from the heart of every mother and every wife ...
    this has to be the most real and heart wrenching poem you have written yet...

  7. Oh my goodness that is a wonderful poem, it does rip at the soul. All of your skill turned to this most real of subjects, even a childless man like me could feel that, beyond politics, eternal cry of the soul.

  8. Your poem makes my heart hurt. Much love to you, and may a light of protection shine on your son.

  9. powerful poem, tina. it really, really moved me. i'm saying positive thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

  10. Beautifully done, powerful, strong, and as a mother it hit me hard. I am so very sorry, Tina.....(hugs)

  11. Hi Tina.

    I am so sorry you are faced with this. The kids are inspired. They want to be good, to do right. They want to serve something good. It's the old men we have to worry about, especially the ones who have never themselves served anything but themselves. I'll hold your son in the light. There is an image called "Stupid war" on my blog. My son wrote something I posted there. Would you consider letting me post your poem there also?

  12. oh wow! What a brilliant capture of the emotional and mental imagery - stunningly simple but no less profound.

    P.S. That link - Venial Vanilla - on your sidebar is no longer inhabited. :)

  13. Oh - I just read the other comments - I didn't realize this was not fictional.

    I know this must be extremely tough. But stay strong - for God never forsakes anyone - ever. Even in what we perceive as the darkest of hours, God is always there, within us...

  14. Reminds me of a conversation a woman I cared about very much had with me, about 42 years ago. I'm sure it echoes the sentiment of nearly every mother in America who has an adolescent son. I hope he comes to his senses.

  15. Thank you for sharing that with me Bob...it means a lot.

  16. Well, it's been 1 1/2 years since I wrote this. My son leaves tomorrow. My heart is broken.