Quieting of the Soul

The hawk is piercing the air
while a bitter wind blows leaves
across the water
Yellow and orange floaters
cover bloodroot patches
Pockets full of wild licorice leaves

November palette makes one think
of wool coats and quilting bees
The smokehouse is full of venison
The shelves gleam with jars and crocks
while herbs hang from racks
Quieting the Earth and the soul


  1. Outstanding. One of your best poems! This gave me the feeling that summer is over, and people are inside, busy with quieter chores, such as quilting, that one does during the cold months. Very tight, lyrical language that gives a comforting feeling to the reader,

  2. Perfect picture of a seasonal moment poem. It's like going for a walk and then coming home to warmth, security. And so beautiful.

  3. perfect vision of peace and tranquility...

  4. Autumn is a magical time, a time
    of changing and storing, and
    for me becoming mesmerized by
    her coat of glorious colors.
    You've captured that quality.