Hold Your Tongue

Hold your tongue, my dearest
Speaking will only ruin this moment
Suns are exploding behind my eyelids
Stars are miniscule inside my mind
To let them go is a wonder, that only you can release
To keep them stored, an abomination

My dearest, hold your tongue
Let your waves wash over my shores
Soothing tides replenish my love
The moon pulls you towards me
Holding lunar thoughts of us entwined
My darling, hold your tongue



I held your hand and read you Psalms.
The room smelled sterile.
You smelled sterile.
What happened to your smell?
The one I remember from your hug?
The smell of your coat and your hat.

The machine is beeping,
while your hand is growing colder.
My thoughts are deep.
Where were you at that moment?
In the place between awake and asleep?
The place we all wonder about.

I look across the bed at my sisters, your daughters.
Holding your other hand.
Waiting for the machine to stop,
and the screaming to start.
Holding their breath.
Knowing what's coming.

Your own breathing is labored.
You look so old and helpless.
Transparent and fragile like eggshell porcelain.
You drank from the teacup of life.
61 is a terribly young age to leave this world.

The moment crept up on us.
I smoothed your hair while telling them
it was okay.
It's Okay....He's Okay...He's alright now
A cloud surrounded me, enveloped me.
Smoothing your hair, while screaming comes from far away.



Depression never leaves
Always clinging to your last drops of good spirit
Your last bits of happiness
Turning your own world against you
Tearing your life from your grip
Just when you think you have it beat
It beats you


3 Crows

Three crows flying North to South
Shadows cast on fields of green
Every day they hurry by
Floating in a line
A trio of order
No time to stop and chat
I lean forward in my rocker
Straining my ears to hear
Once in awhile a brief hello escapes their beaks
So Clever