Have a taste my dear..

Painting by Rick Mobbs

She always seemed like an angel to me
Her warm meals turned winter into summer
Her constant smile an aging reminder
To laugh readily and heartily, no matter the pain
"Have a taste my dear. You always tell the truth."



Painting by:Rick Mobbs

Krishna kissed the sun today
A fiery embrace in watercolor haze
His skin held stars and blue skies
Lovers held each other until dark
Dragon smoke will lure the child
Wearing her magical garments


June Evening

Her skin was buttermilk soft nestled in his neck,
as she lay there trying to imitate his breathing.
Thoughts float in the breeze from one subject to the next.
Curtains rustle and windchimes sing.
Frogs and crickets conduct a symphony.
A velvet sky holds priceless diamonds,
that an unknown jeweler has placed there.
The universe smiles and nods in approval.



This is from the readwriteprompt challenge.

when I watch you

unfurl, unfold, turn your face to the sky
infant eyes turned kaleidoscopes
trees wave to you as you go by
sister of the earth
daughter of the wind

(Free is my Granddaughter)