2 week hiatus

I'm off on a 2 week hiatus to gather with family. I'll catch up on all the poems when I return. Happy writing all. :)


Big Brother

Big brother TALL
Big brother STRONG

You protected us
Stood up for us
Comforted us
Loved us
Made us feel safe
in a world out of control

Now I want to stand up for you
To comfort you and love you
I want to tell you that it will be okay
That I know how you feel
The pain so deep, so raw, so burning
you just want it to end

Big brother TALL
Big brother STRONG
I love you


Quieting of the Soul

The hawk is piercing the air
while a bitter wind blows leaves
across the water
Yellow and orange floaters
cover bloodroot patches
Pockets full of wild licorice leaves

November palette makes one think
of wool coats and quilting bees
The smokehouse is full of venison
The shelves gleam with jars and crocks
while herbs hang from racks
Quieting the Earth and the soul