Sea of Green

Green Green
Sea of Green
Silence stretches
Miles between

Where is fairness
Where is truth
Marching bravely
with our youth


  1. I think the word inspirational got a bad rap because of a lot of people who weren't inspirational at all using it to sell things. This poem, and you, Tina, are inspirational in the truest sense of the word. Your poetry breaths life.

  2. I got on the computer this afternoon to check once more for the poem about Grandma's Apron that I remembered from a couple years ago. I think I may have asked at the time if you would mind if I used it in our display at our museum in Warrenton, OR. But I suddenly got distracked and went off on another tangent, so don't remember if you responded to my request or not. Anyway I once more found your site and was reading some of your other poems with great appreciation when I stumbled across Sea of Green. I read it and realized I was crying. What a truly inspirational poem as Paul commented in his comment. Thank you for posting your poetry and also the photographs which in themselves tell a story.