Take away
all the sorry
and the
what did I do

Take it back
all the worry
and the
can't tell the truth

Box it up
all the ugly
all the mess
and the lies

Send it off
to a sad place
that I know
in your eyes


  1. ...alrighty Paul...lol...reposted it. :)

  2. Thankyou, Tina. It is a song, and as beautifully made as all your poems. I think its simplicity gives it elegance, like a piece of jewellery.

  3. glad you reposted it...I too think that it is simple and truth in its elegance...

  4. Tina,
    I am writing a cookbook with my family and all the proceeds are going to the American Cancer Society and The American Heart Association. Someone sent me your poem about the purpose of Grandma's Apron. It reminded me of my Grandmother and the number of recipes we are including in the book. I would like to publish it in our cookbook with your credits but of course, need your approval in writing.
    Would you consent (in writing) to allowing my family and I to post your poem in our book? We would be so grateful.
    Ann-Marie Cunniff

  5. Thankyou for reposting this Tina. I didn't read it the first time and I'm glad it's back. Whatever made you take it down in the first pace?

    --and a publication offer. On a blog. Wow! Congrats.

  6. Thanks all.

    Paul, it is a song...when I read it to myself.

    Mimi..hi!!! How have you been? :)

    AnnMarie, thanks for contacting me. I am honored. :)

    Maxine, I'm not sure why I took it down. Just seemed too simple, maybe. I guess we're our own worst critics. ;)