Up in arms
and out of breath
Running, skipping
cheating death
They'll unlock
the iron door
Cross the line
and kiss the floor
Feels the heat
upon his skin
Never to
go back again



(For Louise)

She stays with him
on a familiar path
The trees are the same
just slightly more bent
She climbs the hickory
and surveys her horizon
Upon descent, she curls
her fingers around his
Finds her footprints
from before she cried
and keeps walking


Bob Church

Our friend Bob Church passed away on April 29th. Bob was an amazing soul. My heart feels hurt. Hard to write right now, but I plan on a tribute to him in the near future. Please keep his wife Louise and his family in your prayers.


Calling Chiefs

I am old skool rap
and faded jeans
Trolling the beach
and gathering things
I am worn too thin
I am walking proud
I am desert dust
I am screaming loud
I am looking out
I am looking in
I am calling chiefs
I am rusty tin