The book is here

I'm happily holding in my hands, the first official 'book' that has my poetry in it. My complimentary copy arrived today. A beautiful book titled, Psychological Poems : Journal of Outsider Poetry - issue number one - Richard M. Patel, MD & Raquel Miller. They have included 2 poems: Depression & Bottle Tree.

~"Stephen Dunn in "Walking Light," predicted how Outsider poetry might look today: "Outsider poems once were wilder than their historical moment, like 'Howl' in the fifties, or extravagantly resistant like 'The Waste Land' in the twenties. I'm not sure what a great outsider poem might be now. My guess is that it's tenor would need to be more subtle and more delicate than it's historical moment, that it would be most astonishing in what it addresses yet refuses to give in to. It would not be the poem of outspoken complaint or rage; that voice would be too much like the voices we regularly hear on the evening news." - Richard M. Patel, MD

Also received word this week that another poem will be in Our U.S. Magazine. : )