The Clover

Momma screams in silence
for the granddaughters
that filled her heart
and these rooms
with laughter

The pain of separation
is too much to bear
so she lies in the clover
and goes to sleep with
pennies on her eyes


Blue Tuesday

The elder died
the people cried
ringleader of the poets tribe

Collective gasp
he'd lost his grasp
his words belong now to the past

If we had known
the seeds were sown
that he was only ours on loan

Just one more day
more time to play
before he had to go away


Paul Squires Tattoo

Paul Terry Squires
November 19, 1963 – July 27, 2010

His mark has been left

raging on

We hope for
one more
scrawled line
of infinite wisdom

Gingataos battle cry
shouted from the four corners...

Rage on!
Rage on!
Rage on!
Rage on!

2 glasses left on the table, kind sir