Bright Sides

Photo property of Meg Cape

already in their felt hat years
already making ancient history
when your boys can play the blues
there is always spanish moss
there are always wooden barrels
there are always bright sides


"Our Daniel"

We look into the past
with a longing in our heart
To find the man from Ireland
who gave us all our start

Our Daniel was a brave young lad
who sailed across the water
His blood, it runs through all our veins
and in our sons and daughters

And after he had tamed the sea
and conquered tangled land
He plowed the soil and cut the wood
all with his Irish hands

On a lush Kentucky hillside
where the Ohio runs right through
Our Daniel loved his Catherine
and raised his children too

While resting at night with his Scottish bride
what worries did they share
Where did he like to hunt with his boys
and where did he say his prayers

I'm sure that settling in that place
was like going home once more
cause the hills are emeralds in Kentucky
where no Irishmen are poor